Monday, July 18, 2016

Touches of Gold

Warm golden tones are evident as I look around the garden, kitchen, my sewing and our neighbourhood. The daisies, Grevillea Lavandulacea and the season's first poppy bud seem richer in colour during winter with sunlight less harsh. Miss E (junior) and I have been enjoying photo walks - spotting birds, flowers and sunsets while I listen to the delightful insights of an eight year old.
Middle Eastern sweet treats (new recipes, cooked by me this time) for a special evening - Kleicha: Date Cookies (gluten, dairy and refined sugar free recipe) and Harissa, a rich semolina based dessert. 
I find myself longing to sew with rich tones during our cooler months - a new quilt is underway filled with saturated warmth.

Miss E senior is midway through a short study/touring visit of Germany, Austria and Italy. Every few days she sends brief updates with selected phone photos. So very different to our local surrounds. St Michael's Church in Munich, the Trevi Fountain in Rome and the ceiling fresco, "Triumph of the Name of Jesus" painted by Giovanni Batista Gaulli in the Church of Gesu, also Rome. The last photo is of a mirror reflecting the ceiling fresco. These sites are filled with touches of gold in a cultural, artistic and historical sense, and no doubt some contain literal gold!

*PS Following up from my previous post, a big thank you to the many who visited Miss E's (junior) new blog, very thoughtful of you. Also, just wanted to let you know that Miss N (18) has crossed multiple 'firsts' in her new life in Sydney and managed all of them admirably.  :)


Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Family Last, Angourie


Miss N, Miss O and seated is Miss G (Miss N's identical twin)

I guess every new beginning is accomplice to some 'lasts'. On Thursday we took time out as a family (except for our eldest two already away at uni) to have a 'last' day out before Miss N (18) moves to Sydney to pursue her cricket dreams and new job/traineeship. We went to Angourie, a place Miss N had spend many days working recently in her environmental job. My husband was familiar with the area over 30 years ago but for the rest of us it was all new and unknown.

Angourie is a well known surfing location on the NSW North Coast, yet as we arrived we found the surfers were still, admiring the antics of a pod of dolphins which were surfing the waves. A beautiful sight. We caught glimpses of some humpback whales (distant splashes and flippers) far out to sea. After a coastal walk and picnic lunch we spotted a Brahminy Kite with its catch of a crab for his lunch.

We finished our day with a visit to the Blue Pools of Angourie, one of which is known as the Green Pool and the other the Blue Pool. They were formed by quarrying operations to supply rock for the Yamba break wall or middle wall in the 1890's, and although only a stone's throw away from the ocean, they are fresh water, fed by an underground spring and coloured by algae. They are used for swimming and diving when the algae levels are safe. Being mid winter we were't tempted to swim, although some other visitors looked ready to dive in.

It was a great day out. You will find some extra beautiful photos of our day on Miss E's brand new blog - 'Pieces of Entertainment', all from an eight year old's eye level, using her very own brand new camera (which you can see in the top photo)!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Small Pleasures

It is their soft, excited chatterings which first alert me to their presence. I notice a group of about five female Superb Fairy Wrens flittering through our yard at some point most days. These wrens rarely sit still for more than a second. We sometimes call them Jenny wrens. The males are a splendid blue as in this older photo below and here, hence they are also known as Blue Wrens. Irrespective of the colours of their feathers, it is always a delight to see these wrens, and other small birds, enjoying our garden each day.

Sharing at Our World Tuesday, Wild Bird Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Always Changes

Enjoying the sunshine and also the rain which has been a wonderful blessing after our long dry summer. All around town the lawns and trees are beautiful shades of green with the occasional show of autumn tones on the few deciduous trees. The camellias are bursting into flower, as they do here each winter, having endured summer, protected on the shady southern sides of homes. There is a pleasant satisfaction as I admire the pristine petals of the white camellias I planted several years ago. Also rewarding us well is our lemon tree which is younger than our camellias. I don't think I've picked a lemon as large as this one today. 

Homeschooling, sport, visiting the library (yes that's Miss E and Miss E on the banner in the foyer), annual homeschool sports day, having Master J home for a few days and stitching more hexie flowers as the days quickly turn into weeks. More changes ahead as Miss N finishes work this week and prepares to move to the Sydney for the next chapter of her life journey. We all have mixed feelings as each new season brings challenges and great opportunities - choosing gratefulness and optimism. 

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